Monitoring Activity Report Available

The ABMI recently produced a Monitoring Activity Report for the Lower Athabasca Planning Region (LAPR) 2011 field season. This report is produced yearly as part of the reporting structure of the Ecological Monitoring Committee for the Lower Athabasca (EMCLA)—a group that partners with the ABMI to ensure monitoring in the region is fulfilling the requirements laid out in approvals.

The report summarizes work done in the ABMI’s 2011 operational year (April 2011-March 2012). In 2011, monitoring in the LAPR involved:

-30 terrestrial sites,

-26 wetland sites, and

-14 winter tracking sites.

These sites contributed information on over 500 terrestrial species and almost 200 wetland species. To read a full version of the report, click here.