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Using Data For Your Projects – Getting the Most Out of the ABMI’s Biodiversity Browser

You might already know that the ABMI’s Biodiversity Browser is a virtual encyclopedia of life in Alberta—with more than 3,000 species profiles of birds, mammals, amphibians, soil mites, vascular plants, lichens, and mosses at your fingertips! But you may not know the many ways the recently updated portal can support research and reporting. The Biodiversity [...]

Exploring the Biodiversity Browser: Alberta’s Encyclopedia of Life

The ABMI is pleased to announce that the Biodiversity Browser (BB) has been updated with new species modelling, new mammal sections, and an updated design to optimize navigation. So, let’s delve a little deeper into what you can find and do on the portal. The ABMI’s Biodiversity Browser is a versatile repository full of freely [...]