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A New and Easier Way to Generate Biodiversity and Land Cover Reports: Introducing the ABMI’s Online Reporting for Biodiversity Tool

The ABMI’s new Online Reporting for Biodiversity tool provides easy access to both land use and biodiversity information for Alberta with a user-friendly interface.  The Online Reporting for Biodiversity (ORB) tool is the ABMI’s recently released multi-use tool for easily generating biodiversity reports for Alberta. The ORB tool, the first of its kind for the [...]

Monitoring Blue-Green Algae Blooms in Alberta from Space

Have you ever gone to visit your favorite Alberta lake for a swim, only to be turned away by a Blue-Green Algae Advisory? Every year, usually in July and August, many of our favorite lakes in Alberta become filled with blue-green algae, and we are told they are unsafe to swim in as a result. [...]

Making Waves – Jenet Dooley, Wetland Ecologist

Jenet Dooley defies labels (except for being a self-described “long-time swamp monster”). Yes, technically she is a wetland ecologist, but to Jenet, that title doesn’t adequately describe the interplay between the evolving nuances of ecology and the project management and coordination of monitoring programs. Like wetlands themselves, Jenet is hard to pin down, and she [...]