Early Learning Centre Presentation

On April 18, 2012, three members of the Information Centre staff, Joan Fang, Jill Smith, and Sonya Poller, spent some time with the kids at the Early Learning Centre daycare at the U of A campus. The topic of conversation for their visit was awareness and biodiversity, and they had a great time using a variety of different tools to educate the kids and get them excited about biodiversity.

They were amazed at how much five and six year olds already know about biodiversity. From hedgehogs, sheep horns, sparrows and wolf paws, someone was always eager to raise their hand and happily shout out that they knew what it was. There was no shortage of stories from family camping trips, bugs in the backyard, or tales about their favourite pet. No matter what they were shown or told, they were engaged and excited to hear more, slowly inching closer despite their teachers efforts. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and made the visit incredibly rewarding and an experience we won’t soon forget.