Prairie Conservation Forum Spring 2012

The ABMI is currently a member of the Prairie Conservation Forum (PCF)—a forum that brings together multiple organizations to foster discussion and engagement on southern conservation issues. The PCF meets three times a year and has members from a broad range of backgrounds, including government, NGO’s, and academia. The Forum generally has a day of meetings and presentations followed by a day in the field that allows members on the ground experience of relevant topics.

This year’s spring meeting and field tour was held in Cypress Hills Provincial Park and was attended by Tom Habib, Jill Smith, and Monica Kohler.

The Forum presents the ABMI with an opportunity to stay up to date and engaged with southern stakeholders, and this meeting was no exception. Major topics of discussion were: conservation offsets in southern Alberta (a major new area of work for the ABMI led by Tom Habib), sage grouse recovery, and long term reclamation of grassland ecosystems. The PCF is also actively involved in outreach and education activities and presents the ABMI with several opportunities for engagement, including this year’s annual Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference being held in Red Deer in February 2013.


For more information on the ABMI’s involvement in the Prairie Conservation Forum, contact Monica Kohler at 780-492-4398.