Team lead, Sande Dalton (left) and crew member Chun Hua Zhan (right).

Mud, Mosquitos, and More Mud: The Remote Sensing Group’s 2012 Field Season

Though somewhat bittersweet, our crews are very excited to report a successful end to the 2012 field campaign.  Our team lead, Sande Dalton, reminisces fondly about the sunny days hiking through Alberta’s northern boreal forest and nights of camping at beautiful Christina Lake. Other crew members included Chun Hua Zhang, Riley Iwamoto, and Lauren Peters.  Information on various forest characteristics (e.g. crown closure, tree species, tree heights) was collected during the field campaign at over 130 sites in the Conklin area.  This valuable ground data will play an important role in an upcoming timber volume study that the ABMI Remote Sensing Group is undertaking in conjunction with their NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant partner, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.