Photo credit: Jon Groves.

Winners of the ABMI’s Second-annual Photo Contest

For the second year in a row, the ABMI has been blown away by your entries into our annual photo contest. Our goal of celebrating the beauty of Alberta’s biodiversity through story-telling photographs of species, habitats and human land use was easily achieved thanks to your participation.

The 2015 contest included submissions from 48 contestants, with 69 entries into the “Landscapes of Alberta” category and 106 entries into the “Species of Alberta” category. Four “Fan Favourite” prizes were awarded based on votes from the public, and six prizes were awarded from our contest judges. The ABMI Communications Team is grateful for the sportsmanship of all contestants, despite initial technical difficulties with our online voting system.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Congratulations to our winning photographers: Cajun Paradis, Logan McLeod, Carla Madueno Florian, Sinead Cusack, Jon Groves, Nick Parayko, Philip Hansen, Chad Steeves, Arnold Janz and Jason Straka. See below for their stunning, story-telling photographs of Alberta species and landscapes.

Fan Favourite, Species Category: “Bumble Bee Business” by Cajun Paradis

Bumble Bee Business by Cajun Paradis

Fan Favourite Runner-up, Species Category: “Mountain Goat” by Logan McLeod

Mountain Goat by Logan McLeod

Fan Favourite, Landscape Category: “Dreamlike Hoodoos” by Carla Madueno Florian

Dreamlike Hoodoos by Carla Sabrina Madueno Florian

Fan Favourite Runner-up, Landscape Category: “The Beauty of Fort McMurray” by Sinead Cusack

The Beauty of Fort McMurray by Sinead Cusack

Grand Prize, Species Category: “Snowy Owl on Snow” by Jon Groves

Snowy Owl On Snow by Jon Groves

First Runner-up, Species Category: “Standing Tall” by Nick parayko

Standing Tall by Nick Parayko

Second Runner-up, Species Category: “Wild Pitcher Plants” by Philip Hansen

Wild Pitcher Plants by Philip Hansen

Grand Prize, Landscape Category: “Rolling Waves” by Chad Steeves

Rolling Waves by Chad Steeves

First Runner-up, Landscape Category: “Red Rock Prairie” by Arnold Janz

Red Rock Prairie by Arnold Janz

Second Runner-up, Landscape Category: “Fragmentation” by Jason Straka

Fragmentation by Jason Straka

Thank you to all our participants! Check out all other entries on the Photo Contest page on our blog.