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Back to School for the ABMI Processing Centre

Specimens go in – data comes out; but the ABMI Processing Centre is more than just a taxonomic sweat shop. Behind the scenes at the Royal Alberta Museum, ABMI’s taxonomic experts are conducting research and engaging with the next generation of young scientists. One of the Royal Alberta Museum’s strengths has always been its active [...]

Kid’s Love Learning…& Biodiversity!

Another hand shot up, the little girl squirmed, stretched and strained to get the attention of Jim Herbers, who was giving classroom workshops to Kindergarten and Grade 2 students at Edmonton’s Holyrood Elementary School on May 31. Finally… relief. The little girl was chosen to answer Jim’s question: “Does anyone know what this is?”  Jim [...]

Early Learning Centre Presentation

On April 18, 2012, three members of the Information Centre staff, Joan Fang, Jill Smith, and Sonya Poller, spent some time with the kids at the Early Learning Centre daycare at the U of A campus. The topic of conversation for their visit was awareness and biodiversity, and they had a great time using a [...]