2012 Landholder’s Survey

Each year, the ABMI’s field surveys are undertaken with the cooperation of hundreds of different people from across the province. It takes months of work to find, contact and build relationship with all the necessary folks. Our current 2012 monitoring is operating with the participation of:

-170 agricultural producers
-9 industrial corporations
-6 municipalities
-2 First Nations and Metis
-16 provincial parks
-1 national park
-1 military base

The ABMI does not receive 100% support from everyone that it contacts. For 2012, we contacted about 40-50 people and were unable to survey their land. This occurred either from direct no’s from landowners, inability to contact landowners, or unsuitable wetlands. The Access travel season began the first week of January, and ended the third week of April, with trips for landowner meetings occurring to Stirling, Medicine Hat, High River, Oyen, Hanna, Worsley, and Manning.