Wood bison (Bison bison athabascae) in their eponymous National Park. Photo: Adam Hill

Happy holidays from the ABMI!

Recent imagery from ABMI camera traps confirms training for Santa’s big night is in full swing. Photo(shop?): Dave Evans

As a challenging year draws to a close, we hope the holiday season brings you peace, a moment to recharge, and the glow of brighter times ahead. We at the ABMI look forward to working with you again in 2021, and to continuing to help tell the story of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity.

Take care of each other, and be well.


P.S. For those who enjoy walking in a winter wonderland, stay tuned for the 2021 Hands-on Alberta Winter Tracking Mission, jointly brought to you by NatureLynx and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. To get ready, check out this (previously recorded) webinar from NCC for all the tips and tricks you’ll need for winter tracking. There will also be a kick-off session hosted by the ABMI’s CItizen Science Coordinator, Jordan Bell, on January 14 via Zoom.