Pterochthonius angelus Credit: Dave Walter

Join us for a mite-y webinar!

ABMI acarologist—that’s someone who studies mites and ticks—Dr. Lisa Lumley presented Mites in Alberta as part of our It’s Our Nature to Know webinar series.

ABMI acarologist Dr. Lisa Lumley

Lisa outlined the ABMI’s mite research, and why collecting data on mites in the province is important to Albertans and helps to support land-use decision making. “Oribatid mites are the main bioindicator that ABMI uses to monitor soil health,” says Lisa. “Soil health is integral to Albertans and humans globally as soil produces food, cycles nutrients, conserves and purifies water, sequesters carbon, and helps regulate pests and diseases.” So join us to learn more about these microscopic, unsung biodiversity powerhouses! The webinar may be small, but it’s definitely mite-y.

The webinar was live September 10 from noon to 1 pm MDT and is now archived on the ABMI’s YouTube channel.