Ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) sign, photographed during the 2019 Winter Tracking Mission by NatureLynx user JCA2.

Be a winter wildlife detective with NatureLynx and the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Looking for a reason to lose the sweatpants and get outside this winter? Why not try being a winter wildlife detective?? The Nature Conservancy of Canada and NatureLynx are challenging Albertans to get outside January 1530 with the 2021 Hands-on Alberta winter tracking mission. We hope you’ll join us!

Many of Alberta’s animal species stay active through the winter. Whether in a city park, river valley, backyard, or outside of town, winter tracking is a fun, socially distant way to stay active yourself while peeking into the surprisingly busy world of winter wildlife. Plus, by sharing your sightings on NatureLynx, you’ll be part of a growing community of citizen scientists that’s helping to improve the understanding of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity.

How to participate:

See you out in the snow!