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ABMI White Paper: ‘Opportunities to Move Forward with Conservation Offsets in Alberta’

Conservation offsets are a legitimate and effective tool that governments across the world have used to support responsible resource development and environmental outcomes. Conservation offsets are the “measurable conservation outcomes that result from actions designed to compensate for significant residual adverse environmental impacts arising from development”[1]. Often offset programs require developers to first avoid, reduce [...]

Finding Rare Plants in Alberta’s Northeast

This story originally appeared in the Alberta Native Plant Council‘s newsletter, Iris, published November 2014. If a botanist went for a walk in the Lower Athabasca region of Alberta, how likely would it be that he would encounter a rare plant species? How long in kilometres or time would she have to walk to find one? If [...]

Better Environmental Management Through Monitoring 2015: ABMI Speaker Series day

On February 17, more than 300 people attended the ABMI’s second annual Speakers’ Series, Better Environmental Management Through Monitoring 2015. Facilitated by Brian Keating, host of the program Going Wild and former head of conservation outreach at the Calgary Zoo, the day brought together presenters from the ABMI and other organizations to talk about their work [...]

Better Environmental Management Through Monitoring: The Story of the Yellow Rail in the Lower Athabasca

This story originally appeared in AEMERA’s Newsletter, published March 31, 2015. “The approval holder shall provide a plan or participate in the development of a plan for the monitoring and mitigation of the Yellow Rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis) by [given date] to the satisfaction of the Director…” – Approval condition for oil sands mine project The [...]

5 things you should know about ecosystem services… found on our new website!

Here are five things you should know about ecosystem services, and you can learn more on our new website:! 1. Ecosystem services are benefits provided by natural systems that contribute to our well-being and health. The ABMI, through the Ecosystem Services Assessment project, has come up with ways to measure these benefits so that [...]

Blazing Ahead of Climate Change – The Potential for Assisted Migration of Alberta’s Native Plants

It’s the Goldilocks principle. All species, including plants, animals, and fungi, are uniquely adapted to a specific combination of climate and environmental conditions that they need to grow, reproduce and thrive – things need to be “just right”. If the environment changes, species have two choices: they can either stay where they are and adapt [...]