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Valuing Nature’s Services in Alberta

Have you ever wondered what Alberta’s landscape will look like in the future? Like many Albertans, Bill Newton is hopeful for the future of his family ranch near the Porcupine Hills, despite increasing pressure to convert it to residential properties, other developments, or even cultivated crops.  The challenge for land owners like Bill is the [...]

ABMI on the Small Screen

Did you know that, by the end of the century, Alberta’s climate is projected to become warmer, by an average of 2-4°C, as well as drier and more variable? In response to this change, Alberta’s ecosystems are predicted to shift northward and upslope.  These are big changes and will affect our landscapes, species and communities. [...]

Burrowing Owls

Two Sides to the Story: the Impacts of Climate Change on Alberta’s Burrowing Owls; an Endangered Species

What do you get when you combine plywood, a plastic bucket, and a tunnel in the prairies? An artificial burrow for one of Alberta’s most fascinating underground dwellers: the Burrowing Owl! It might be surprising, but artificial burrows may be one way to help Alberta’s declining Burrowing Owl population respond to the potential negative impacts [...]

Wiretapping the Woods

Imagine standing in the middle of a forest. How far into the forest do you think you could hear? 200 metres? A kilometre? Perk up your ears. Could you count the number of birds calling in that forest? In other words, could you identify every bird that is within earshot? Believe it or not, while [...]

Climate Change: Which Alberta Species will Feel the Heat?

It’s June in Alberta. In response to the shift from spring to summer, Trembling Aspens in the Parkland have flowered and unfurled their leaves, migratory songbirds have returned to the expansive boreal forest, and Great Plains Toads in southern Alberta are searching for temporary wetlands in which to lay their eggs. But on top of [...]

Owls in a Changing Soundscape

by Alex MacPhail It’s early March and a fresh blanket of snow reveals the scurry of rodents and the trudge of moose in the forest. The moment is serene and tranquil—nearby sounds are of the sway of aspen trees and the flaps of intermittent flocks of Snow Buntings flying overhead. A closer listen, however, reveals [...]

When in Rome…The ABMI on the Global Stage

The ABMI’s expertise in the assessment of rangeland and grassland biodiversity is drawing international recognition. This past March, ABMI ecologist Dr. Shannon White hit the global stage in Rome, Italy to contribute her knowledge and skills to an urgent question: what are the impacts of livestock production on biodiversity? Dr. White is the sole North [...]

Worm Invasion

Did you know that earthworms are not native to Alberta? It’s ok if you didn’t—surveys done by the Alberta Worm Invasion Project show that only 15% of anglers are aware of this. The Alberta Worm Invasion Project—spearheaded by Dr. Erin Cameron and Dr. Erin Bayne*—is working to boost public awareness of earthworm invasions through basic [...]