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Deer, Deer Everywhere! Camera Trapping Update

  The ABMI’s camera-trapping project led by Ecologist Cole Burton continues to run well with masses of photos coming in. Check out the new gallery dedicated to some lovely shots taken with the camera traps. The project will continue until early fall. Watch this space for updates and more photos. Remember to cast your vote on [...]

Website Updates: Aquatic Invertebrate Protocol Update, “Is a picture worth a thousand species?”

Aquatic Invertebrate Protocol Update An updated protocol for processing aquatic invertebrates has been posted on the ABMI website thanks to Rob Hinchliffe, Lab Coordinator, Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist. The document also includes valuable information for aquatic invertebrate identification. Is a picture worth a thousand species? The Science Centre’s Dr. Erin Bayne peer-reviewed article “Is a picture [...]

Camera Pilot Project

The ABMI is currently exploring an exciting new way to monitor mammals throughout the province—camera trapping! Since the ABMI’s inception we have monitored mammals through winter tracking—walking a 10 km long transect near each ABMI site during appropriate snow conditions and identifying any snow tracks we encounter.