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The BERA Project: Advancing Ecological Recovery Monitoring in Alberta

What do you get when you put together a room full of experts in remote sensing, environmental science, and the Internet of Things? It sounds like the start of a joke, but the answer is the Boreal Ecosystem Recovery and Assessment (BERA) Project. Hailing from academia, industry, government, and ENGOs including the ABMI, this diverse [...]

Introducing the ABMI’s Ecosystem Services Mapping Portal

Natural ecosystems provide many benefits—services like clean drinking water, timber, and productive harvests. Each of these “ecosystem services” is the product of complex interactions among species, landscapes, and people. This complexity also means that ecosystem services can be difficult to measure and assess. Because their value is hard to quantify, ecosystem services may be ignored in [...]

From a Bird’s-Eye View: Expanding ABMI perspectives with Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies

As he saw the image materialize on his computer screen, Dr. Guillermo Castilla’s exhilaration grew. “I felt like I was looking at an open book telling the history of Alberta’s landscape of the last ten years,” says Castilla, a Remote Sensing Scientist with the ABMI’s Remote Sensing Group. “If there is a picture worth a [...]

ABMI Presents State-of-the-Art Remote Sensing Visualization Product at MultiTemp 2013

Due to human activity, the global environment is undergoing significant and rapid change. To assess the scope and impact of these changes, the science of remote sensing[1] is constantly evolving and delivering more powerful tools to observe the Earth’s surface.  Over the past decade, large, freely-available remote sensing data sets have also become available. The [...]

MultiTemp 2013: ABMI Prepares for the Canadian Debut of Innovative Remote Sensing Conference

Monitoring change in the Earth’s surface over local, regional, and global scales in a comprehensive, synoptic manner regularly relies on remote-sensing imagery collected from platforms such as airplanes or satellites. The growing archive of currently-accessible satellite imagery, which now covers over four decades, continues to support the increasing need for more accurate and integrated information on [...]

Figure showing ABMI Land Cover versus high-resolution photography.

Masters Project Enables Efficient Assessment of ABMI Land Cover Product’s Accuracy

Accuracy assessment is an important step in the production of any remote sensing-based map, and was a major component in the production of the ABMI Remote Sensing Group’s Wall-to-Wall Alberta Land Cover Map version 2.1 (circa 2000).  Assessing the accuracy of a province-wide map is no small task, particularly when the map is not a [...]

Greg McDermid receiving his award

Remote Sensing Group’s Greg McDermid Honoured with Distinguished Academic Early Career Award!

This September, our very own Dr. Greg McDermid of the ABMI Remote Sensing Group was honoured with the 2012 CAFA (Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations) Distinguished Academic Early Career Award at an awards ceremony in Edmonton. The award recognizes those academic staff members who have made outstanding contributions to the wider community while in the [...]

A map of native vs. non-native grassland types at CFB Suffield

Student Project Reveals the Power of Remote Sensing in Identifying Native vs. Non-Native Grasslands

Will McInnes is a recent graduate of the University of Calgary’s Masters in Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) program in the Department of Geography, and author of an ABMI-funded MGIS thesis project that successfully tested a multi-temporal remotely-sensed data set in the mapping of native vs. non-native grasslands over several different Albertan prairie subregions.  An expansion [...]